Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Sun Please Come Out!

Those were Penny's first words out of her mouth this morning. She kept on waiving her arms in the I think the sun is trying to come out its just taking its time. A little cool out I decided to lock myself in my room and try and be a bit creative. Ok I said I would Here are three cards that have been sitting on my desk in pieces that I finally got to finish. I want to take a quick second and thank you all who come and view my cards and leave your comments. They are very inspirational. TYFL!


Susan said...

How beautiful! Love the little doggies! They remind me of my Hagrid. And the pink one is so adorable! Love them all!

Amy Yang said...

I love the one with the dogs. Too cute :)

Anonymous said...

Your cards are beautiful ;-)

cjknick said...

Christine, I love your artwork on your blog! Butch and Mimi are so danged cute! They're coming in my next order and I'm super excited. They make darling anniversary cards!

Thanks for sharing!


Kim said...

Darling creations as usual from my talented friend! I love the doggie stamp!


Christi said...

All of your cards are adorable!!!