Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Eleven and Twelve!

Ok I think I am going to stop counting days as they go bye and just list when the next day will be, when it This funny little thing called real life takes over once in a while and I loose track of the days. My sister-in-laws bridal shower invitations are finally postal, (w00t!!!!!) and I was finally able to play again. :)

I have been practicing with my copics and finally starting to get the hang of them. Now the only problem is I need more colors. The way I see it, a girl can never have enough color. :)

I had fun making these two cards!

I am also showing you Magoo and Rosies new puppies. OMG they have grown since I saw them Wednesday!!!! I am still waiting for my neighbour to email me the pictures from last Sundays bee episode and I will post those as soon as I get them.

Ok after being up late every day this week I have decided to call it a nite. I thank you all who come and visit me and I will post more tomorrow.


Heather said...

Oh my ... you have been busy! Love the invites!!! Very WOW! Beautiful. I also love the other cards... Bella is Great!!! I need copics day! .. I think the colors you used were perfect! ~and the puppies are SO CUTE!!!

Lynn said...

These are great cards and your SIL is lucky to have such beautiful cards for her wedding shower!

Shannon Roberts said...

You are such an inspiration!! The puppies are cute; what kind are they?? The one lil black one looks so huge in the sea of white; lol!!

Christi said...

Your cards are super cute and so are those puppies!!! :)

Kim said...

Great cards and the puppies are so cute!
Hugs~ Kim

Heather said...

I love your blog!!! And when awarded a kretiv blogger award, I had to choose you too!! It's on my pg. Come see if you want to:)