Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wow Monday Already!!!!

WOW! Almost a whole week has gone by since my last post. Now I know there is something wrong with this picture. :) This past week has been a veryyyyyy long one. For starters it was our preperation for holly week ( our Easter was yesterday .... happy belated Easter to any sistahs that are Orthodox). Between the girls and school activities, dentist and doctors appointments and Church... and i was fotrunate enough to sneak away Saturday and take my first bella class (AWSOME! AWSOME! AWSOME!) I am beat. I finally sat down today and tried to play with a couple of my new bellas but I did not get very far :( . But i did take some pics of my craft room so you all can see where I come and play :) (pstttttttt look closely on the door and walls I got the bella decals :) ) Ok short and sweet for tonight because my bed is calling me :( . Will post more tomorrow :) TYFL.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is it Tuesday already?

Wow I can not believe it is Tuesday already!!!! All plans that I had for the weekend went out the window between shopping for brand new bikes for the girls and Nick getting his BBQ (boys must have their Well that and the weather was beautiful! I want to say I got the short end of the stick in the shopping department but I made up for it yesterday!!!!! Shhhhhhhh hopefully Nick wont ask how much I I was able to finish up five of the six cards I had stamped and colored in on Friday. Sixth card I will display as soon as my stampinup order comes in (I am waiting for a punch I want to use on the I am gonna keep this short as the house is quiet (girls just left for school) and kick it into creative mode :) Tyfl!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot Friday!

After moving back to Ontario and having one of the worst winters that I remember since I was a kid, the sun is out!!!!! I dont remember the last time it has been this hot in the month of April. Living in Alberta was awsome and I miss it. Nothing beats waking up and seeing the Rocky Mountains everyday. But it seamed like summers were way to short. :(

Girls are all better and excited about a family dance at their school tonight. So I have been busy polishing my dancing shoes

In all the madness of this week I was able to make two more cards. Niki came with me to see Em yesterday and she picked out giddyupabella so I thought I would play with her and I like the way she turned out. :) I also made another card with javabellas that I want to send to a friend I have not seen in a while. :(

Now if only I can stay outside long enough without distractions maybe I can dig out the flowerbeds and get them ready for some planting.....ok who am I kidding I will be up here making cards So many stamps so little

Ok enough yapping thank you all who take the time to come and view my blog. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Woot Thursday ... Is it Friday yet?

The week is almost done and between Zoe having the stomach flu and then spending the better part of last nite in emerg with Niki the week has flown bye! (she is fine .... she popped her spacer out of the right side of her mouth while brushing her teeth at bedtime ...but as I dont do "teeth" (ewwwww) I took her down there)

I am hoping to get some more projects made tonight and I will post them when I do but I thought I would share the one card I was able to make with one of the new stamps Em posted this past week. Hope you enjoy and tyfl.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ahhhhhhh Quiet!!!

Its late as usual and I am sitting here enoying the quietness. Everyone but Lady (our cat) and I are up. She seams to think she can not go to sleep until I am in Zoe is finally feeling better so hopefully she will go to school tomorrow!

Today I treated her to a trip to Bella. Last week I took Maria, and I promised the girls that each time I went one of them can come with me and pick out a stamp. Well atleast until all four have had a chance to come with me. After that I am on my own. Too many little eyse looking at the final sales

Last week when I went with Maria she picked out Babbo's Owl. I told her she could make a card when I made mine. Well .......... mine is done but playing outside after school got the better of her But I did promise her when she finishes her card I will post it on here so you all can see it. :)

Today when I went with Zoe she picked New Friends Ella and Looloo. I am glad she did because that is one I have been debating over. Now I am so glad I got it! It is so hard to pick which Bella to get because I want them all. I can honestly say that there is not one that I do not

Good thing I bought the binder that Em sells to put them all in this way it hides how many I have actually accumulated in the last three

Today was a first for me. I picked up a fella! I will make sure to post when I have played with him. I also purchased a few other stamps but I will keep hush until I have had a chance to try them out. :) So you will have to stay tuned. :)

Ok enough reading I dont want to bore anyone and I want to play a bit more before I call it a nite. TYFL.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunny Monday!

I love waking up to a sunny day!

I dont like being helpless to a sick child. :( Little one is still sick. Needless to say it has been a very long weekend. I started making these cards Saturday and finally was able to finish them today. I wont babble just let you all look. TYFL.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sighhhhhhhhhhhh Saturday :(

More rain! :( But I wont complaine to much. Beats the

Have been up with one of the girls sick all nite so the creative juices are not flowing today.


But yesterday was a different story. :)

I was fortunate enough to go and visit Em at the store! Sistah`s what a treat. I dont think in all the time i have been scrapbooking or in this last year since I have discovered card making have I met a nicer lady! She is the type that is willing to help you in any way she can. Her staff is incredible!!!! I cant wait to take one of Nicky`s classes at the end of this month.

Yesterday one of the stamps I purchased was the new one `all punked up and nowhere to go`

so i thought as tired as I am I will at least make one card and display her. I hope you all like her as much as I do. If you click on the image and inlarge it you will be able to see the detailed spakels on her earings, necklace, belt and guitar (TY Em your right sure beats the mess of dazzling dimaonds) Hopefully Zoe will be feeling better and I can sqeeze in a nap so I can play with my new stamps tonight. TYFL.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Brrrrrrrrrr Its Windy Out Today

Dont you love waking up and looking outside to the sun warming your face .... to open the door and yell brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(

Not that this is a bad thing! I was able to stay inside and play with my bellas while the girls were in school. :) Here are two new cards I have made and also a post-it note holder that I am getting ready to sell at a craft sale. I figured as this blog is titled "and creations" I would share some of my other work. Lol! Keeping it short today my creative juices are Tyfl!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Big Thank You

Hi all!

Tis me again. :) Ok this does not sound good but I can not figure out how to reply to the lovely comments you ladies have been leaving me. :(

Thank YOU soooooooo much for taking the time to come and view my work. I am still a newbie to card making so this means a lot to me. In answer to a couple of questions that were asked I hope this helps the ladies that were asking. :)

To Shanon thank you for your kind words. I was able to get bikababebella cause I realized a week and a half ago the store is only a half hour drive from my home. For those ladies that can make the drive it is sooooooooooo worth it!!!!!!!

To Kathy who sent me an email asking me what I used to color my images. When I went to the shop this past saturday I happened to be fortunate enough that the queen bella (Em) was at the shop and she gets all the credit for my coloring technique. She sold me a liquid in a little bottle and this other tool, and pencil crayons (not sure of the names of either item but I am sure if you email her she will let you know) and she explained how to use the products to get the best results for my images. And as you can see I hope I am doing her teaching me justice. :) I am adding two more cards that are now complete. The mwahbella has her skirt and her boots popped up with the same DP as on the base of the card. The sposabella card is an idea I got after seeing Nicky's card. Thank you Nicky and I hope you dont mind. Ok now that I am done yapping all thats left to say is TYFL!!!!

Wednesday Already!!!

Wow the week is half over!

Have any of you had such a bad migraine that it made u sick? ... Well let me tell you one of those migraines hit me yesterday. :(

Anyway today is a new day and I am feeling soooooo much better. I was able to finish not one but two cards I had

I had to play with my new bikababebella. I am not sure of the outcome seams she is missing something so if anyone looking has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 7, 2008

cant get enough of my bellas

Am I glad the wkend is over. It seams like I did not accomplish anything this wkend :(

Today I made up for some lost

Here are a few of the cards I came up with.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Ahhhhhhhhh Saturday! And I was correct the one day I can sleep in the girls are up early :( . I smell bacon cooking. MMMMMMMM breakfast.

DH is off from work today so we are going to try and get in some family visiting. BUT before we do anything I am hoping to go get some new stamps that I havc wanted. (wont comment now from where I will let you all see when I make

Anyway enough yapping for now but i thought I would post some of the cards I have made this past week. Bare with me if they dont come up as this blog thing is new to me. Enjoy!

Absolute Bliss

Hi all,

Its really late 4 me 2 be posting but I thought now that I made the blog I may as well add something I have made so you can all take a look.

This is one of the new stamps I got last wk from titled "alexis bad hair day". It has become a favourite with me. The possabilities of the sentaments you can use with her are endless. It makes me hope that tomorow being Saturday I can lounge around the house like this. LOL.... ok who am I kidding the girls will be up before I know it which means no sleeping in or lounging around for me.