Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank You

Just a quick post as the week has been crazy! My girlfriend Linda had major surgery last month and thank God she pulled through with no problems. Still sore but on the path to recovery. She is the type that always thinks of others first.
When she went into the hospital the amount of love and support that was shown to her was unbelievable. Yet once again she was more concerned about making sure she thanked everyone for all they did for her. She asked if I would make her some thank you cards. Well now how can I say no to that! Her husband and her have become more than just friends to us so it was a no brainer. I chose these stamps from Stampin Up in making the cards and one from Stamping Bella. It was nice using my Stampin Up stamps as it has been a really long time since I had.

Well the people she gave them to her loved them! I was so happy. Now keep in mind the quality of the pictures does them no justice. My camera has been acting up. :( I made a whole bunch of them in these samples and off the went postal.

Ok enough yapping its garbage day. Which means I get the fun job of putting it all out as Nick was not feeling good last night so I sent him off to bed early. :(

I hope everyone has a Happy Thursday and I will make sure I post again soon.