Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day Four Of My Mission!!

Today has been a really fun day for me. I was able to go and visit everyone over at the Bella headquarters and hang out for a bit. The amount of talent of the staff Emily has and the sistahs that go in there to share their work is very inspiring to me.

I have found in the last year and a bit that I have been card making that there are many items I have bought that I can kick myself for when I think of the fact that I have not used any of it. The one thing I must say is a BIG Thank You to Emily, Nicky and Dena because all the items that I have purchased from Bella I have used.

Today I splurged just a bit.....(at least that's what I am going to tell Niko .... lol). I purchased my very first Copic's and OMG what can I say. They are worth every penny! Ok here is a something most of you dont know about me. I am color blind. Yes I am! (lol) So when Emily and Nicky mentioned that they would carry Copics and group them for those wanting to buy them how can I say NO! (lol) They just made my life so much easier. :)

On that note how can I not come home and not play with them. :)

Today I used them on Fifi. She is so cute and I have not used her in a while so as I am on a mission I thought I would try with her. It is my very first attempt with Copics and I know Emily and Nicky said that I would get better with practice. (Can anyone guess what I am doing tonight after everyone is in

The second stamp I am using is Reading Reverie. She is such a beautiful stamp. I have made a card using her in the past but today decided to use her on a post-it note holder. I am pleased with the results.

Ok enough yapping for today. I hope all you lovely ladies and gents are having a wonderful day and I will see you all with a new post tomorrow. TYFL!


Angélique said...

Love your cards! Thanks for showing them!! :)

Greetings from The Netherlands

Debby said...

I love love love love that post it holder. Wow!

Christi said...

That post-it holder is FANTASTIC!! I think I'm going to have to try something like that. Fifi is also totally adorable. OMG!! Someone else has been bit by the Copics bug. They are so much fun and so worth it.

Patsy said...

Love the card, but that post it holder is the bomb!!! It is so cute!!

Kim said...

WOW...your work is GREAT! You look like a PRO coloring with those copics! When I get my Copics I am going to need to take lessons from you!!!! Your post it holder is so NEAT!

Heather said...

HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your cards!!! SO Cute!!! I have heard a lot about Copics. Maybe one day when I improve in my card making I will try them out. :) Post it holder is super cute!!! Love the first card!

Janneke said...

Wauw I love your crds and post it holder.
Love your coloring

Susan said...

Great job on Fifi! I adore her. I especially love how you did the ovals behind her. I'm going to have to try that! Thanks for sharing! And the holder was so stinkin cute! And you did a great job with the copics!

The One and Only said...

You don't have to BRAG about how CLOSE you are to the BELLA HQ!!! Missy!!! No fair!! I'm so jealous!!! ha ha ha