Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Card Samples!

Ok, ok, I know enough with the tins!!! LOL! Yup I am done making them for a while. I have made one more since my last post but then I kicked it up a notch. Realizing I am running out of time I figured I better get cracking on my Christmas cards. I tell you, for some reason the list keeps getting bigger and bigger each year!
I have a few more images colored in but I am still working on them. *sigh* These are four samples that I am working on multiplying right now. I like making the samples and then doing multiples of each one. One at a time. The santa's clothes a dryin is one of my favourite Stamping Bella Christmas stamps! I am not sure of the ribbon .... so I may end up changing it when I am making a batch of them tomorrow. The other three cards are made with my Rachelle Anne Miller Christmas stamps.

It is hard to see for some reason :( but the colors are not showing properly. Two of the cards are on Handsome Hunter Paper and it is showing up darker in the pictures :( And the snow globe card is hard to see that it is just that! *Note to self .... must make a trip to the FutureShop and figure out what is going on with my camera. :( Hopefully I can figure things out soon.

Ok its been a long day so I am going to head to bed. Thank you all who come and view my blog and leave your inspiring comments! I love reading them! Hope you are all having a good week so far!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fifi Tin And Then Some!!!!!

Wow I can not believe how fast the time has gone since my last post. It has been a busy time here for us. We are all finally healthy! *Keeping my fingers crossed* The girls had a blast Trick-r-Treating. They went out for almost four hours and Penny did not want to come in at the end....lol.
Last week was our Memorial Service for dad. :( I can not believe a whole year has come and gone. It was a very hard weekend but we managed.
The girls are now counting down the days till Santa comes. I am telling them its to early but hey if they want to...lol.
I was going to make them there tins for Christmas but they walked in on me making them .... so .... they got them early. *sigh*
Penny loves Tinkerbell so it was easy making hers. I just have to remind her she cant put to much into it. It will only hold so much...lol.
Zoe loves my Stamping Bella stamp fifi and the color blue so it was real easy coming up with her tin!

Niki ... well Niki is Niki...lol. She loves anything girly. Hello Kitty has always been a favourite of hers and she screamed when she saw her tin...lol. She still cant believe Hello Kitty has been around longer than I have..lol.

Maria is so not a girly girl. *sigh* She wanted a plain tin that is not too childish. (Ok no one has given her permission to grow up :( ) So I kept hers as simple as possible.

I have also managed to start working on my Christmas cards and hopefully I will be done by the end of next week. Dang it my list keeps getting longer and longer...lol. I finally got my order of Rachelle Anne Miller Christmas stamps so I am going to use those and my Stamping Bella ones!

The snowman used in these cards is one of my new stamps!

Ok enough yapping I need to get laundry folded, supper started and hopefully make it back up here to make more Christmas cards. Thank you all who come and view my blog and leave your inspiring comments. They mean a lot to me!