Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

This past week has sure been a busy one. With school finally over and the start of summer holidays I am surprised I am still in one This weekend the girls were invited to a friends daughters birthday party. Oh what a perfect day for a pool party it was on Saturday! Well ok, it was until we all got home Saturday night and five out of the six of us were sunburned. (I was not one of
I chose to make a tin for Olivia. She knew I made crafts so I thought this would be a perfect gift as she turned nine and loves to keep things. I used tatiana ketto and made a matching card. I am still thinking I should have added something to the tin. But hmmmm she has it now. She LOVED it which made me happy! Ok off to my next project. I will let you all in on it as soon as I iron out some

Thank you all for stopping by to take a look! Hope everyone has a good Monday!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bellarific Friday!

Oh what a busy time of the year this is. School is a week from being done! "YEAH" No I am not Well ok maybe just a little bit. :) But let me tell you, at least after next week it wont be so hard trying to get everyone up and out the door for school.
I was sad that I could not participate in last weeks Bellarific challenge. :( But made a point to get a card done this week.
I wanted to keep it nice and simple so I chose solid flowery weeds and the sentiment "especially for you" (sorry I cant seam to find it on the website :( ) As soon as I saw this challenge I knew those were the two stamps I wanted to use.

Ok short and sweet as its late and I still have to get up in the morning to get the girls off to school. So I will thank you all for coming to take a look and I hope you all have a happy Friday!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Bellarific Friday!

It's that time of the week! I just about missed it. *phew* I really enjoyed doing this challenge. I chose to use pierrette pointy toes. She is a must have in my books. She is the type of stamp that can be used for any occasion! I was going to try sewing around the border. But as luck would have it the one and only needle I had left for my sewing machine broke on me. *sigh* Sooooooo I had to improvise. Not to crazy about it but well I had to try.

Thank you all for coming to take a look. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Your Day!

Winter months are slow on birthdays for us. Then out of the blue spring hits and I am sitting now saying "darn it I am out of birthday cards" ... lol. When I checked last week I thought I still had some. Boy was I wrong. The only thing that is bugging me is that I cant find my happy birthday stamp. :( I am sure it is some were in my craft room but I cant remember where.
I have the sentiment "it's your day" from stamping bella but I cant seam to locate it in the sentiments section. *sigh* I hope this is not an indication of how my day is going to be. So I have been using that as it has a variety of uses for different occasions! For the image I used agnes ketto. I can not get enough of her. She is sooooooo darn cute! As you can also tell from my last few postings I have paper pieced her. I love this technique!

Ok enough yapping. I am going to attempt trying to find my missing sentiment (or make a card for these weeks bellarific challenge). Thank you all for coming to take a look. Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ivy Ketto!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. It has been cold and raining here for most of it and has dampened the mood in everyone. :(
I should be cleaning house after being gone all weekend ..... but shhhhhh .... we wont tell anyone ... lol.
I got the girls off to school and thought I would try and cheer myself up. Well at least that's the story I am sticking to ... lol.
I decided to use ivy ketto for this card and try a layout I have not done in what seams like forever. I am okay with the way the card turned out but I feel as if there is something missing. Hmmmm. Well I guess I will have to go back upstairs and try making something else and hopefully be able to figure out what it is I don't like about it.

Thank you all for coming and taking a look.