Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

This past week has sure been a busy one. With school finally over and the start of summer holidays I am surprised I am still in one This weekend the girls were invited to a friends daughters birthday party. Oh what a perfect day for a pool party it was on Saturday! Well ok, it was until we all got home Saturday night and five out of the six of us were sunburned. (I was not one of
I chose to make a tin for Olivia. She knew I made crafts so I thought this would be a perfect gift as she turned nine and loves to keep things. I used tatiana ketto and made a matching card. I am still thinking I should have added something to the tin. But hmmmm she has it now. She LOVED it which made me happy! Ok off to my next project. I will let you all in on it as soon as I iron out some

Thank you all for stopping by to take a look! Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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