Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Beary Best Friend!

People come and go in our lives but few leave a footprint in out hearts. Three years ago I met a very special lady online while playing euchre of all We instantly became very good friends and talk just about everyday either online or on the phone. She is one of the few people that have come into my life that I know, no matter what or where if I needed her she would be there for me. I was fortunate enough to meet her and her husband three years ago. It was a weekend I will never forget!!!!

Deanna received a little bear from her husband a while back when she was feeling under the weather and she treasures the little guy something fierce. :)

When I saw this stamp set I knew I had to get it but did not want to make just anything. Every time I look at it I think of Deanna's little bear who she calls "Babybear". So in honour of Babybear I chose to use this little note book holder I had to make something very special. :)

I hope Deanne and Babybear like it as much as I do. :)

Thank you for looking!


Something Special by Suzann said...

that is so CUTE! Where did you find that bear stamp! I love it.

GiltEdge said...

Ms Thang I couldnt agree more with what you said regarding being touched by a few very special people in our lives. I always say the mark of a true friend is someone we can not see for long periods of time, pick up the phone and your friendship take off as though not a moment passed since the last you spoke. I know thats the kind of friendship we share. I for one am truly grateful for having you come into my life.

Having said that, isnt she such a talented lil bean! BabyBear adores his 'Aunty C' and likes to say hello to her (by jumping up and down on my keyboard) every chance he gets. His favorite word is Boo Boo, he loves popcorn and chippies!

I'm honoured you mentioned us in your blog and thought of my special lil guy to make such an awesome note holder! I love it!!
Its adorable. It doesnt reflect how I feel to simply say thankyou, but here goes.

Thank you! Not just for the lovely sentiment, but for just being you.

Deanna & BabyBear


Wow Christine
This is so adorable, your friend is so lucky to be receiving it. I just adore this teddy image. I don't really know how i've got to your blog, but aren't I lucky? I have enjoyed reading through your latest posts. I love my blogland, you meet so many wonderful people. I smiled to myself reading about your daughter. At the moment im having awful problems with my eldest son. Would you be interested in emailing me? would love to ramble on to you a bit more and learn more of you too.
Hugs Linda x

Danyel said...

That is absolutely adorable!

aka Nelliebella

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I think everyone can use a friendship like the one you share-we just aren't all lucky enough to have one. Your gift is beautiful and touching. I'm sure it will be treasured. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us.

Debby said...

Very sweet. You did a fabulous job.

Kim said...

That is sooooo cute and a WONDERFUL friend you are!!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

Oh how cute!!!

Steve, Mae & Nic said...

I just love it!!


Lynn said...

This is precious! What a sweet story and thoughtful gift!