Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Long Overdue Post!

Ok take two!!! I was just about done the post when my computer had a mind of its own *sighhhhh. This time I am going to keep it realllllllll
I have so much to do and found no time this week to do any of it. :( I am locking myself in here this coming week and the troops will have to fend for Mind you fighting a sinus cold is not helping matters :( .
Ok enough yapping!!!! LOL.
First and for most I want to thank Eulanda for the awesome Sweet Blog Award! It means the world to me. As I was fortunate enough to have it given to me I would like to pass it on to these talented ladies Heather , Shannan and Tiffaney. Enjoy ladies!

The two cards I posted were literally put together in a hurry because having the images sitting on my desk all week has been driving myself up the wall. LOL. But I have always said I will post the good with the bad! *sighhhhhh I may have to take those words

Thank you all who come to visit my blog and I love the comments you leave! They keep me going when I feel sick like this :( .

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Kim said...

I think they are SUPER cute! Love the Whiff of Joy stamps!!!! Melinda blowing kisses is my favorite!
Hugs~ Kim