Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wow Monday Already!!!!

WOW! Almost a whole week has gone by since my last post. Now I know there is something wrong with this picture. :) This past week has been a veryyyyyy long one. For starters it was our preperation for holly week ( our Easter was yesterday .... happy belated Easter to any sistahs that are Orthodox). Between the girls and school activities, dentist and doctors appointments and Church... and i was fotrunate enough to sneak away Saturday and take my first bella class (AWSOME! AWSOME! AWSOME!) I am beat. I finally sat down today and tried to play with a couple of my new bellas but I did not get very far :( . But i did take some pics of my craft room so you all can see where I come and play :) (pstttttttt look closely on the door and walls I got the bella decals :) ) Ok short and sweet for tonight because my bed is calling me :( . Will post more tomorrow :) TYFL.


Kim's Life said...

Terrific craft room. I'm jealous!!! Great cards!!!!

Ami said...

Oh wow I love your room and the bella decals. Too cute.

Christi said...

Awesome craft room! I will be there one day. For now it's the dining room table. :) I love the Bella decals!!