Friday, April 18, 2008

Hot Friday!

After moving back to Ontario and having one of the worst winters that I remember since I was a kid, the sun is out!!!!! I dont remember the last time it has been this hot in the month of April. Living in Alberta was awsome and I miss it. Nothing beats waking up and seeing the Rocky Mountains everyday. But it seamed like summers were way to short. :(

Girls are all better and excited about a family dance at their school tonight. So I have been busy polishing my dancing shoes

In all the madness of this week I was able to make two more cards. Niki came with me to see Em yesterday and she picked out giddyupabella so I thought I would play with her and I like the way she turned out. :) I also made another card with javabellas that I want to send to a friend I have not seen in a while. :(

Now if only I can stay outside long enough without distractions maybe I can dig out the flowerbeds and get them ready for some planting.....ok who am I kidding I will be up here making cards So many stamps so little

Ok enough yapping thank you all who take the time to come and view my blog. :)

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Kim's Life said...

Love your cards! Great job!