Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I sometime sit back and watch the girls playing and try and think of when I was there age. They love hearing stories of when I was a little girl and the things I did with grandma and grandpa. The one thing they love to do is come up here to my craft room and create their own projects. Yesterday afternoon Maria and Niki had a friend over and they came up here and had a blast! Niki has asked if I would post her creations. I told her I would love to share her work with all of you. :) I find that when the girls are up here there are times they can be a handful but when they work together like they were yesterday it inspires me! Now if I can only get them to try and clean up as they go along I would be

Ok I best make this short they want to make more cards!!!

Yahhhhhh more play time for me. :)

Will post Maria's, Zoe's and Penny's cards as soon as they stop showing them to all the

Hugsssssssssss to all the sistahs that come and visit and leave your amazing comments!!!


Kim's Life said...

Beautiful cards! Those girls should be proud!!!! I think it's so cool that they are crafting!!!

Cheri said...

What a wonderful array of cards. Great work.

Meli Mitchell said...

The Butch and Mimi card is my favorite..but I like them all. So cute!

Kim said...

What amazing cards! Your girls are VERY talented....just like their mom! I hope to have a little girl someday so I can share my obsession (I mean hobby) with her!