Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back!!! ... I Think !!!

First and foremost I want to say how sorry I am that I have been MIA. Seams as if life got the better of me this summer. Between a birthday (Niki turned the BIG 9 on July 10th) Woot!! Happy Birthday my baby girl! Our anniversary was July 16th (we made it to 13 My sister-in-law got married July 19th and the new puppy has finally come home. :) The girls have named her Nala. Some health issues got the better of me but I realized you do what you have to and everything else will fall into place.

I have seen all the beautiful creations the rest of the bella sistahs have posted and I am in awe!Well done to all of you!

My bestest DGF came and tried to save my sanity this past weekend. I have missed her like CRAZY since we have moved back to Ontario. (Michelle your the BEST and I cant wait to see you and Brian and the kids!!!) It was having her here for a few days that got me motivated to come up here and be creative again. :)

I meant to take a picture of her creations so I can show all of you her talented work but I am sad to say I forgot to :( . Hint...Hint.....Michelle!!!! (you can always email them to me :) .

Ok enough yapping I hope you enjoy my new cards and thank you so much for coming and taking a look. :)


Cheribella said...

Hello, I'm new to cardmaking and to bellas so this is my first visit to your site. Love your cards-all of them. I've never seen the stamp of the fairy sitting on the teacup-love it. Great work.

Janneke said...

Great cards ;)

Kim said...

Christine I am so glad that you are back! I missed you and seeing your lovely creations...but please do take care of yourself and family first! :) Hope you are feeling better! Love the cute and what a GREAT name! Your cards are GORGEOUS! WOW! I am jealous you have Daisybella...I love her so much! :)
Sending you lots of hugs~

Meli Mitchell said...

Butch and Mimi never looked cuter!

Christi (Cici510 on SCS) said...

All of your cards are gorgeous!! Welcome back!!

SherryBee said...

MWAH....hello, christine!
I loved my visit to your blog.
Your cards are great!
I'm relatively new to all this, and, I have a question about your pink Bella card....What did you use for the glitter outlines?
I love the glittery look!