Tuesday, May 20, 2008



I can not believe this much time has passed since I last posted something. :(

Seams the time has gone by so fast. Where so I start. I had a girlfriend (*waves @ Donna) come visit for a few days from Calgary. *Sighhhhhhhhhhh I sure miss all of you from back home :( . My oldest Maria had her 11th Birthday on May 13th. We just had her party yesterday and if I remember tomorrow I will post her birthday invitation. We are just wrapping up our first official long weekend to kick off summer. :) And I must say I have missed my bellas BIG TIME! :( Was nice finally getting some time to come sit and play again!

I want to give special thanks to Nicky over at stmaping bella for showing me how to make her fancy flowers. THANK YOU Nicky! Your da best. Ok enough for now cause its really late and my four little alarm clocks will be up soon for school. Thank you all who come and visit my blog and see what I have created it means a lot to me.


Loreen said...

I love the ribbon that you used on these cards. Great Job =)

Susan said...

Very cute! I love those houses and the flowers are so fun! Great job!

Little Butterbeans said...

Love those cards! Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!